The Art of Fitness

As the proud founder and owner of CAT Studio in Swansea, I’ve always found inspiration in providing safe spaces for individuals to step out of their comfort zones and discover their inner strength and self-love. Established in 2009, this has been the primary focus of CAT Studio’s array of aerial fitness classes for all ages – youth to older adults – that are always expanding based on our guests’ shared inspiration. Our in-studio monthly choreography nights, in particular, are one powerful way our guests are able to share and celebrate their strength and creativity by showcasing the skills they’ve learned and acquired throughout their classes. It was one of these nights, in fact, that inspired and motivated me to create CAT Studio’s Art of Fitness Charity Showcase. Today, I am writing to kindly request a matching grant to support our 3rd Annual Art of Fitness Charity Showcase on December 4, 2021 at the historic Fall River Carousel at Battleship Cove. With the Art of Fitness Charity Showcase, CAT Studio has been able to raise awareness and funds for children with significant medical difficulties. In its first year, we hosted over 20 performers from all fitness backgrounds and 175 attendees at the Eagle Event Center in Fall River, raising over $3,000 to support Spina Bifida awareness – a type of neural tube defect that affects the spine. These funds directly benefited a beautiful, 10 year old little girl, Layla Rose Smith, living with Spina Bifida. As a result of this support, Layla was not only able to acquire the medical devices she needed for her life’s journey, she was able to help other families as well. Last year, we refused to allow the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic to interfere with our ability to host a second Art of Fitness Charity Showcase. Despite the necessity to come together virtually versus in person, 20 performers participated and achieved our $3,000 goal once again. These funds directly benefited two families, Maverick Orr Rand and Avah Marie Carreiro. 3 year old Maverick was born with multiple, severe medical difficulties. His story is highlighted in reference to our 3rd Annual Art of Fitness Charity Showcase since he has been selected as our 2021 recipient, too. Avah, a single mother of 2, suffered a traffic car accident that left her immobilized in 2018. Avah demonstrates a tremendous amount of strength, courage, and endless opportunities as she continuously fights to ensure her family progresses – the exact goal we strive for every day at CAT Studio when we all join together and lift each other up. Heartened by the success of the last two years, CAT Studio is excited to present the 3rd Annual Art of Fitness Charity Showcase on December 4, 2021 at the historic Fall River Carousel at Battleship Cove. This year’s theme is a Great Gatsby Murder Mystery that promises to be a night of glamour, mystery, magic, and, most importantly, impact as our fitness performers from all over New England again join together to raise awareness and funds to benefit children with severe medical difficulties. Various community affiliates such as UpBeat Entertainment, the Carousel Creamery, Faneek’s Coney Island, and Primo Bartending will be providing sweet treats, savory plates, and specialty drinks. The showcase will include a mixture of fitness, dance, and aerial sports via enclosed, outdoor performances viewable from indoor and outdoor orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony guest seating that abides by current MA regulations for COVID-19. Maverick Orr Rand, will be this year 2021 recipient. In 2020, the funds raised were able to provide him with a customized home sensory room. This year, we’re seeking to raise enough funds for him to acquire more of the devices he needs to help him progress; along with building an autism awareness program that will help pave the way for more children. Maverick is the definition of a SUPERHERO to his family, friends, doctors, nurses, and our community. Every day, he continues to defy the odds and achieve milestones.