Art of Fitness

About CAT Studio:

CAT Studio located in Swansea, Ma. we have always found inspiration in providing safe spaces for individuals to step out of their comfort zones and discover their inner strength and self-love. Established in 2009, this has been the primary focus of CAT Studio’s array of aerial fitness classes for all ages – youth to older adults – that are always expanding based on our guests’ shared inspiration. Our in-studio monthly choreography nights, in particular, are one powerful way our guests are able to share and celebrate their strength and creativity by showcasing the skills they’ve learned and acquired throughout their classes. It was one of these nights, in fact, that inspired and motivated me to create CAT Studio’s Art of Fitness Charity Showcase.

About the Art of Fitness:

Through the Art of Fitness Charity Showcase, CAT Studio has been able to raise awareness and funds for children with significant medical difficulties. In the past 2 years we have raised over $6,000.

In its first year 2019, the art of fitness hosted over 20 performers from all fitness backgrounds and 175 attendees at the Eagle Event Center in Fall River, raising over $3,000 to support Spina Bifida awareness – a type of neural tube defect that affects the spine. These funds directly benefited a beautiful, 10 year old little girl, Layla Rose Smith, living with Spina Bifida. As a result of this support, Layla was not only able to acquire the medical devices she needed for her life’s journey, she was able to help other families as well.

Art of Fitness 2020:

2020 brought some interesting challenges but we refused to allow the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic to interfere with our ability to host a second Art of Fitness Charity Showcase. Despite the necessity to come together virtually versus in person, 20 performers participated and achieved our $3,000 goal once again. These funds were directly benefited to families striving to care for children with severe medical difficulties.

Art of Fitness 2021:

Events & performances were back up and running. Our 3rd Annual Art of Fitness event was held at the historic Fall River Carousel by the Battleship. The Great Gatsby: Murder Mystery was a jubilee, a night full of relationships gone wrong and who done it. We took the stage once again to raise almost $2,000 funds children with special education needs.

4th Annual Art of Fitness 2022:

We will be reporting live from the Cutler Mill Art of Fitness Gallery Exhibition. In a strange turn of events, world renowned art curator Veronica Lynn has  announced that she will be auctioning off her prized art collection in order to  travel around the world in hot air balloon in 80 days. One lucky guest at this year art exhibition will have the honor of taking over as curator of the Art of Fitness Gallery. The only way to be considered for the position as curator is to bid on a piece from her collection.One of these pieces of art will contain the golden ticket. The guest who bids correctly will take over the gallery!

The night will be filled with performances that are sure to defy explanation! A Fashion Show that will highlight empowerment from our past, present & future. We will be serving complimentary appetizers through out the night; along with a cash bar stocked with refreshments.

GET READY to experience Art in motion!